Mary Heiny Sensei's May 2008 Visit


Mary Heiny taught at our dojo on May 13 and 15, 2008. In spite of the pain in her hip she brought light, energy, and inspiration to everybody on the mat. Here are a few photos:


Garth, Tara, and Mary Sensei. Only after we took the picture did we realize that we had lined up in order of height!


Mary throwing Chris while Heather looks on.


And Chris goes to the mat again.


Matt and John watching Mary while working on a technique. John (on the right) rarely has the chance to come and train with us. We were very happy to see him.


Mary with Chelo, one of our newest students.


Phil attempting to move Mary. Good luck with that...


A happy dojo!

Left to right: Gunhan, Chelo, Garth, Dan, Tara, Michael, Heather, Mary Sensei, Edmund, Chris, Phil, Diane, Don, and Simran.